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The Industry Experts in Thin Film Technology
Tech Line Coatings: Our business as a Specialty Chemistry Development Company is focused on the growing need for new and improved coating technologies. We take pride in our position as The Leader in Thin Film Technology.

Tech Line has a 21 year history of providing flexible and innovative responses to customer needs. Our global reach brings our technology within the reach of Industry world wide Many of the worlds leading companies have come to depend on Tech Line to deliver the needed technology.

Do you need; Corrosion Resistance, Chemical Resistance, Abrasion Resistance, Extreme Temperature Resistance, Thermal Management, Thermal Dispersants, Lubrication, Release, Bonding, FDA acceptable, USDA acceptable, Water Borne, No VOC. Dissimilar Metal Protection. Anti Galling. Low Temperature Cure, Ambient Cure, Build up, Sacrificial, Non Stick, Enhanced appearance, Weather Resistance, UV Resistance, Electrically Insulating. Electrically Conductive and...


TECH LINE COATINGS, INC manufacturers coatings for a variety of industrial, commercial and automotive high performance applications. This website focuses primarily on Industrial and commercial applications.

Our Markets Include: Architectural, Marine, Heavy Transportation, OEM Automotive, Mining, Agriculture, Food Processing, Offshore, HVAC, Composites, Sporting Equipment, Electronics, Manufacturing, Packaging, Robotics, Fuel Cells, Heavy Equipment, Waste Treatment and more...

For more information contact our technical department and we will be happy to assist you in identifying the appropriate product.

TECH LINE COATINGS, INC can produce customer specific products where a unique formulation is desired. Private labeling is also possible, where marketing and volume are favorable.

Technical Dept: 1-865-773-0599 or

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